Sparky vs. Glutters

Sparky vs. Glutters is a lovely puzzle game in the style of Zuma
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Sparky vs. Glutters is a lovely puzzle game in the style of Zuma. It tells the story of Sparky, an enchanting, Gremlin-like creature who wakes up in an unknown planet with no recollection of who he is. Your task is to guide him along an extensive journey of 60 levels so he can solve the mysteries of his past. Evil creatures called Glutters will attempt to get in his way so he needs your help to survive.

The game plays mostly as a matching puzzle; you will see a row of creatures moving towards Sparky and your goal is to remove them before they reach the end of the path and eat him. What you need to do is feed the Glutters so that they grow and explode removing all the adjacent creatures of the same color. To inflate the Glutters you need to aim and shoot the group of creatures with a matching color. Easy as it sounds, the row of Glutters moves at an increasing speed and the layout gets more and more intricate at higher levels. There is a time limit to reach the required score, but if you manage to do it faster, you will get a lot of points, stars, and medals.

The gameplay is basically the same all throughout the game, but power-ups, bonus levels, and trophies add a nice touch of variety. Power-ups are numerous, they can help you remove a number of creatures in one go and even slow down the row of Glutters for a while. At between levels you will see a mini game where you can buy stuff in order to build the ideal city for Sparky.

The graphics along the game are really nice, with lots of colorful animations, beautiful characters. The adventure takes you to explore mountains, forests, and lots of other different landscapes which are really nicely illustrated.

In short, Sparky vs. Glutters is a lovely and colorful game that is easy to play but can be really challenging and addicting as well.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Six game modes
  • Lots of trophies, medals, and bonuses
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Gameplay is quite repetitive



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